YAML basic with python examples
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YAML basic with python examples

YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML) is a human readable serialization language. It’s often used as a format for configuration files. 

A Simple Example

company: Apple Inc.
number_of_employees: 100000
private: true

  - US
  - Canada
  - China

    iPhone_11: 999  
    iPhone_10: 799
    iPhone_8: 699
    iPad_pro: 999
    iPad: 599
    iPad_mini: 399
  music: streaming service

The file starts with three dashes. Each set of dashes as the beginning of a new YAML document.

The next line that makes a key-value pair. Company is a key that points to a string value: Apple Inc.

YAML supports different value types. The file starts with three key-value pairs. They have different data types.

Company is a string (you can enclose a string with double-quotes. But it is not necessary).

number_of_employees is a integer.

private is a boolean. 

location is an array with three elements, each denoted by an opening dash.

The elements in location are indedented with two spaces. Indentation is how YAML denotes nesting.

products has three elements. Two dictionaries (iPhone and iPad) and a string (music). YAML supports mixed types.

Let's give a deep dive on YAML. 

1. Indentation

A YAML document is structured with indentation. The indentation level can be one or more spaces. Tab cannot be used as indentation.

Consider the following example



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